Return of Krishna Bhava

1 March 2002, Pune

Amma in Pune

For all of Amma’s devotees who are sad that they never got to witness Krishna Bhava (which Amma discontinued in 1985), there still is hope. In Pune, the bhava is briefly reborn.

For the past four or five years, each time Amma comes to Pune, one man – who believes Amma and Krishna are one – comes to Amma with a request: to dress Her as Krishna and feed Her butter, curd and milk. This year was no exception.

Amma in Pune

By this time, the Pune devotees have come to expect Amma’s Krishna Bhava, and near the end of darshan on the final night in the city, everyone was excitedly waiting for this rare occurrence.

Suddenly there was a cry from the crowd of “Radha Krishna Ki Jai! Radha Krishna Ki Jai!” There was the Krishna Amma devotee. Everyone on the small stage crammed in close around Amma as the man approached. First, he put a yellow shawl around Amma. Then He placed a small crown adorned with a peacock feather on top of Her head. By this time, the crowd had begun to sing the Krishna Arati, and its sweet melody filled the air. Next, he handed Amma a wooden flute and a wooden stick.

Amma in Pune

Behind him, dressed as gopis, the women of the man’s family came offering Amma three pots. Just like little child of Vrindavan, Amma cracked the three pots with Her stick and began devouring their contents of butter, curd, and milk. The prasad was quickly distributed, along with puffed rice, to all the devotees.

With Amma life is a celebration.