I don’t know how much longer I will live

Caught for second time coming

24 February 2002, Hyderabad

During the large public programmes on the North Indian Tour, some people try to sneak in more than one darshan in a day. But although the crowds sometimes reach more than 10,000, Amma’s memory never fails. Often She will call someone on their mischief, and She’s even been known to give a spanking.

One night in Hyderabad, the darshan line was moving quickly. Suddenly, as one elderly man approached Amma, She stopped the queue. “You are coming a second time!” She accused. “You came this morning.”

The old man looked down. “Amma, I’m sorry. But I am a heart patient, and I don’t know how much longer I will live. I’ve already had two attacks. So I want to get as much from Amma as I can, while I am still alive. I came in Mysore and Bangalore and in Davangere. I have come here, and I hope to see Amma in Calcutta.”

Amma laughed and looked around at one of the swamis assisting Her. Then She pulled the old man in close and gave him what he had come for, a second time.

– Dhyanji