The New Year to begin with Amrita TV

14th April 2005

Amrita TV—an initiative of Amma’s devotees—hit the air today with an audiovisual extravaganza in Trivandrum that brought together some of the brightest stars in the Indian arts.

Amrita TV is dedicated to promoting value-oriented, responsible and socially conscious programmes, without compromising on the tastes and preferences of audiences. As one can see from the station’s initial line-up, it will offer a wide range of programmes—serials, telefilms, movies, performing arts, documentaries and discussion shows. It will also establish itself as a platform for unbiased news.

Amrita TV logo

The birth of a transformation

The inauguration of this new audiovisual media was done with the lighting of the inaugural lamp by seven luminaries—representing the seven svaras in music and the seven colours—they were Padmashri Sonal Mansingh, Odissi dancer of international repute; Padma Bhushan Bhupen Hazarika, well-known singer; Shri. Ramesh Sippy most renowned director-producer in India; Padmashri Mohan Lal and Padmashri Mammootty—the leading superstars of Malayalam cinema; French film-producer Monsieur Manuel De La Roche and Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri, Vice-Chairman of Mata Amritanandamayi Math.
inauguration of amrita tv

Inauguration of Amrita TV

Before the inauguration, Amma’s message of blessing was aired. “We alone are the ones responsible for many of these problems; we have created them. We can trace the origin of all problems to the human mind. This is where all problems start. Therefore, our primary dharma is to cultivate values in us. Media is one of the instruments to achieve this.” Amma reminded everyone.

The programme was conducted in M.I. College grounds in Trivandrum. The settings were appealing and the stage humungous, towering to a height of 43 feet. The grounds were filled to capacity as expectant people flocked in to take part in a programme, which they felt was the birth of a transforming influence on society.
stage of amrita tv inauguration

Amrita TV will also feature programmes that offer insight into the sacred texts and epics of India, bhajan programmes will also be broadcast.

Currently, all programmes are in Malayalam and are being broadcasted via satellite to all of India, the Middle East, and the rest of Asia, Australia, Europe, and later on Canada and the United States.

Amrita TV inaugural program

Technical Details

Amrita TV utilises INSAT 2E/APR-1 satellite for transmission having wide-beam footprint covering the whole of Asia from Japan to Gulf countries, Australia, Europe and North America. The channel uplinks from its own earth station, which is capable of transmitting four channels at a time.

It also uses the MPEG/ IMX format for production/post-production, the latest technology in visual media providing excellent colour reproduction.

Its new studios and newsroom facilities are fully automated with fibre-optic connectivity across India using “beehive digital newsgathering technology,” the first channel to do so in South India.

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