Amrita research labs goes Wi-Fi

18 March 2005 — Madgaon, Goa

Amma with a laptop

Amrita Research Labs (ARL), the research-and-development wing of Amrita University, has developed a revolutionary new Wi-Fi-based wireless system of intelligent and interactive telematics for Konkon Railways’ SkyBus transportation network.

This Amrita-SkyBus system has been successfully deployed at Konkan SkyBus 1.6 km-long test track in Madgaon, Goa. This is an affordable but highly effective telematics system that handles vehicle-tracking, fleet-scheduling, traffic-management, education and entertainment on wheels even in everyday public-transportation vehicles.

Telematics is fast emerging as the most important application of cutting-edge wireless and mobile communication technologies in vehicular electronics, road and rail transportation. Until recently, telematics was primarily aiding navigation in luxury cars.
getting the blessing of amma after successful installtion of wireless communication

The SkyBus is a next-generation intelligent transportation system of Konkan Railways that promises to solve the congestion problem in Indian metros.


Amrita Research Labs’ Wi-Fi technology makes the SkyBus transportation system more efficient, user-friendly and provides security and value-added services, such as location-tracking of SkyBus coaches, voice and video communication between a moving coach and the central-control station, Internet access within a moving coach, and public voice announcements, among others.

Throughout the test run, the entire system operated flawlessly, maintaining seamless data connectivity, even at speeds of 60 km per hour.