Amrita to introduce low cost cutting-edge technologies

On the occasion of Amritavarsham 60 several cutting-edge technologies developed by various R&D departments at Amrita University will be introduced.

Personal Safety Device for Women
An inconspicuous, wearable device that empowers women to stealthily contact family and police when in distress—was developed by Amrita University’s Centre for Cybersecurity. “This prototype was in response to Amma’s direct request for us to develop technology to protect and make Indian women feel safer,” said Dr. Krishnasree Achuthan, the director of Amrita University’s Centre for Cyber Security. “Amma told us that we should try to develop a device that women can wear secretly through which they can alert the police and family members if they meet danger.”

Low-cost, low-power, wearable ECG-monitoring device
One of these is a low-cost, low-power, wearable ECG-monitoring device that will allow people with cardiac conditions to avail of real-time, ECG-monitoring without hospitalization. Developed by Amrita University’s Centre for Wireless Networks & Applications, the device—which is worn around the waist or as a necklace—will allow people with cardiac conditions to avoid the life-disruption, and often exorbitant medical costs, of hospitalization for the sake of continuous vital-parameter monitoring.

Portable Electronic Health Record
Amrita has developed a Portable Electronic Health Record stored in a pen drive, designed to make each person in control of his/her health record. “This is important especially for India because the concept of empowering its citizens with their own health data has yet to evolve here,” said Pradeep Achan, the chief architect behind the project.

Prototypes for the Portable Electronic Health Record, the ECG-Monitoring Device, and the Personal Safety Device for Women will be unveiled during the Amritavarsham60 celebrations.