Amrita Personal Safety System (APSS)

Safety for women, Security for mentally challenged

appsMany women are afraid to be alone in public places due to fear of being harmed. This fear has been caused by repeated cases of violence towards women. In order to combat this fear Amrita University is to introduce a new device that helps empower women to have no fear while being alone. Amma stressed the need for developing technology to protect and make Indian women feel more safe.

According to Dr. Krishnashree Achuthan, the director of Amrita University’s Centre for Cyber Security Systems & Networks, “Amma told us that we should try to develop a device that women can wear secretly through which they can alert the police and family members if they become in danger.”
The Amrita Personal Safety System (APSS) comprises of three distinct solutions including:

  1. A wearable device with all the integrated functionality
  2. An Feature rich Android application which functions as personal safety system
  3. An ultra small wearable triggering device which can trigger emergency alerts thru Smartphones or the Safety device.

These devices and applications will serve as a personal safety device for various categories of people, which includes;

  1. Women or anyone in Distress
  2. Children
  3. Elderly people with Dementia
  4. Specially abled citizens

The APSS is a small device that is worn on the body, it will be inconspicuous and fashionable. However when a wearer of the device is in danger it will serve the following functions with a simple press of a button. Some of the functions of Amrita Personal Safety device are:

  1. Automated communication with location information with family and police & other Volunteer organizations when in distress.
  2. Ability to record conversations and communicate them
  3. SMS and voice calls
  4. Automated information on police stations, hospitals and fire stations.
  5. Will function even in rural areas
  6. Combines several location aware technologies in order to work both indoors and outdoors.
  7. Communicates the emergency situation with location information to selected friends at Social networking applications like Facebook etc.
  8. Automated location tracking and detection of wandering of people with Dementia conditions and alerting them about their whereabouts to care givers etc.
  9. This exceptionally customizable device has been developed by Amrita’s Center for CyberSecurity, Amrita University, Amritapuri and provides flexibility in design for wearability

The fully functioning device prototypes and Mobile application will be dedicated to society on Amma’s 60th Birthday.