Poornahuti of Chandika Homa

25 Sep 2013, Amritapuri

Today marked the end of the Sata Chandika Mahayaga, the highly auspicious and rare yaga performed to appease Godess Shakti. Yesterday saw the homa being created through the process of Agni Madhanam, which is the ritualistic way of starting a fire.


Today, the proceedings started much earlier, with the prata smarana and morning prayers at 5 15 am. While yesterday the special homa was Ayushya Homa, today bein the last day, Chandika Homa took center stage. Two smaller kalas, one depicting Lord Ganesh and the other the symbolic representation of the Math added to the already vibrant colors.


The presence of Amma in the last day, when she came to mark the beginning of the yaga was amazing. The sight of our Divine Mother in the powerful yaga shala brought tears to many devotees eyes’. It seemed as though Chandika Devi herself had come to give blessings. ‘What Amma does, who She is..it is all something truly unique. She inspires, loves and guides…This yaga is all the more auspicious in the presence of such a Divine being,’ exalted a delighed priest.

For the devotees of Amma, this yaga is the beginning of a celebration. Of peace, harmony, happiness and prosperity. The Sata Chandika Yaga, in the presence of our divine mother has not only enriched Amritapuri but brought peace to the hearts and minds of all of Amma’s children.