Lighting the lamps of love

26 September 2005 — Amritapuri

lamps on the backwaters

The Kayamkulam Backwaters looked like the Ganga flowing through Haridwar. The waterway was glowing with the dancing lights of thousands oil lamps lit all along the banks of the village community—a spontaneous and loving gesture by the neighbouring villagers to express their unfathomable gratitude to Amma.

The twinkling lamps—Amrita Jyoti—symbolized the light of love that Amma lit in their hearts during their darkest hour, when the tsunami had literally drowned their village.

The day began on an auspicious note with the villagers continuously chanting Amma’s 108 names and the Sri Lalita Sahasranama. Hundreds throughout Alappad had erected small altars with Amma’s photo and oil lamps before them.

Thus, Amma’s birthday is no longer confined to the Ashram grounds—it has been transformed into a celebration for the whole community.