Lighting a flame for Peace

On the weekend of May 30 through June 1, 2009, 35 children between 5 and 12 years of age and their parents from Germany and Switzerland met at the Training Center Hof Herrenberg Association for the 5th meeting for children.

First, the children were shown a view of human values by the funny figure Clown Dodo, and a nicely done puppet-show on Amma’s life ended that part. According to the motto Lighting a Flame for Peace issues like love, peace, truth, righteousness and non-violence were acquired playfully and experienced by small groups of similar age. The different workshops offered mosaic, activity games, yoga, fire sculptures, stone painting, gardening, football and theater. Many fun and learning opportunities for each child.

The parents formed a study group to constitute regional groups for the children (children’s satsangs) to offer inspiration to live spiritually and ethically.

The circus tent, Clown Dodo, the camp-fires, a paper-chase, a wonderful puppet-show, delicious food, and good weather, lots of singing and dancing as well as prayers for peace rounded off the whole event to a wonderful experience. In the meantime, the parents participated along with the team manor and the volunteers in cutting vegetables, cooking, washing up and tidying up etc.