Doug E Fresh supplies the beats for Darshan

9 July 2009 — New York City, New York, USA


During Amma’s final night of darshan in New York, hip-hop innovator Doug E Fresh—also known as ‘The Human Beatbox’—sought her blessings. It was the second time the renowned rapper and hip-hop legend had attended Amma’s programs, but the first time he performed at one.

Accompanied by tabla, Fresh put on a half-hour performance while Amma gave darshan. Praising Amma on the mike with his rhymes, Fresh had everyone in the Manhattan Center on their feet, despite it being the wee hours of the morning.

After his performance, Fresh recollected his first meeting with Amma the year prior. “[A friend] told me about Amma being here. … And when he did he said ‘Yo! You got to meet her. Her energy is incredible. She’s a beautiful spirit. So you feel love.’ And I said, ‘Is this real?’ And he said, ‘I’m telling you!’ And when I went there, you know she gave me a hug. And after that—I remember that energy. ‘Cause I left and I felt really, really free. Just really ‘good.’ That’s the best way to describe it. Just free energy. Just positive pure energy. …

“This time it was even better than the last time. The energy was just incredible. She is such a fun person—and a loving person. It’s not just the energy of what I picked up the last time. I picked up fun, youthful, bright, exciting energy. And it made me feel, ‘Well, alright, … let’s get this party started up in here.’”

Regarding his performance, Fresh said, “We just created something from the energy that Amma created by being in the room. So it was a gift to her. Because she is always giving to so many people, like with no tiredness. Endlessly just giving, giving, giving. So I felt somebody should give her something back. And whatever it is I can give back, you know I’m gonna give it because I see she carries that light.”

Fresh said he hoped his coming to Amma would encourage other artists from the hip-hop and music community in general to come and experience Amma’s darshan. “You’re just getting pure energy with no ulterior motive—just want to make the world a better place. How could you be mad at that? … I think a lot of people need to feel her energy because it will make a difference in their life.”

When Fresh left the Manhattan Center he had a bag full of Amma’s CDs. He joked that people should pay attention—that they very well may hear an Amma sample on one of his upcoming records.