Amrita-Pfizer Preferred Research Centre Secretariat

AIMS, Kochi June 27 2009

Amrita has become a Nodal Centre for clinical research in the southern region with the inauguration of the Amrita-Pfizer Preferred Research Centre Secretariat here on Saturday 27th of June.

The Secretariat will be where all the central coordination of research activities (including administrative, financial, legal as well as supportive research components such as protocol development) takes place. This is a key achievement which will enable both Amrita and Pfizer to enhance clinical research activities in South India.

Dr. Sanish Davis, Clinical Research Manager, Pfizer, stated that Pfizer was very happy to have such collaboration with Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences because Amrita is one of the very few healthcare institutions in India that give equal importance to both healthcare and research and that Pfizer is committed to improving the quality of clinical research in India.