“Diabetes and Eye” celebrated at Amrita Hospital

To celebrate World Diabetes Day, the Departments of Endocrinology and Ophthalmology at Amrita Hospital in association with IMA KOCHI and the Cochin Ophthalmic Club, organized a cycle rally to help boost public awareness about diabetes and its complications. It was part of a month long program organized by Amrita Hospital called, “Diabetes and Eye” encompassing various activities to help generate awareness amongst the public about the impact of the disease.

About 300 people including students, athletes, doctors and other members of the general public took part in the rally. With blue balloons, the colour of the diabetic day theme, the 300 participants cycled and marched while chanting slogans against diabetes.

Dr Gopal Pillai, the head of ophthalmology at Amrita Hospital cycled out from IMA house to the Kaloor international stadium to initiate the fight against diabetes. He spoke on the importance of lifestyle, regular check ups and exercise in the prevention of diabetes. Dr Gopal Pillai stressed the need for regular checkups and tight control of blood sugar.
In order to stress upon the importance of the disease, a screening program was organized free of cost at Lulu Mall following the awareness activities. A lot of people who came did not have any control of blood sugar or blood pressure, which the doctors said was an alarming trend.

Seventy MBBS students of Amrita medical college organized a flash mob comprising of slogans against diabetes at the Mall to create awareness among general public about diabetes and diabetic related blindness.