White Canes to the blind youth in Kenya

On behalf of Embracing the World, Mr. Nagesh Karuturi, chairman of MAM Charitable Trust, Kenya, is handing over the first canes to students of Thika school for the visually impaired, Kenya.

On the occasion of Amma’s 61st birthday, Embracing the World and AYUDH Kenya volunteers handed over the first set of  canes to blind youth at Thika school, Kenya.

The visually-impaired school has a mixture of students who have varying degree of vision loss, from albino children with photosensitive eyes to completely blind children. Yet, not a single one of them had owned a cane, which can make life much significantly easier for a blind person.

Upon receiving the canes, the entire children body did a big “thank you” jig by clapping, clicking and stamping the floor in succession. Two girls came forward, and one of them thanked AYUDH and the good work being done by the White C(r)ane project, while the second girl recited a beautiful prayer. AYUDH promised them to be back with more canes in the near future and to make sure that every child who needs a white cane in the school gets it. AYUDH has already collected funds for a total of 300 canes and is currently looking into finding the right sizes and models matching the needs of children and youth in Kenya.