Amma program started in Tahiti island

Brahmacharini Dipamrita Chaitanya visited Tahiti for one week of programs. It was the first time a representative from Amma’s organization visited the remote island.

Dipamrita held different programs at various locations around the island; public halls, gymnasiums, a Tibetan center, private houses, etc, where she shared Amma’s teachings, and guided people through yoga, meditation, puja, and bhajans.


During her visit, Bri. Dipamrita and Catherine Graindorge were interviewed by several major media outlets, including a popular TV channel (Polynésie 1ère), as well radio and newspapers, who all helped announce the programs. It was also great timing that very week Dipamrita was in Tahiti one of the major French channels on the island broadcast a program on Amma.


The response was very positive from all who attended and after Dipamrita’s visit many Tahitians came to Los Angeles to meet Amma during her summer tour. Following the programs, devotees living in this small island of French Polynesia have started a regular satsang group and and officially registered the association ‘AmmaTahiti’ allowing them to officially begin to do charitable activities inspired by Amma’s example on their island.