Amma’s hug is more than winning Oscars – Claude Lelouch

19 Jan 2014, Amritapuri

World renowned French film director Claude Lelouch visited Amma at Amritapuri today.

After his meeting with her in her room, and witnessing her darshan on stage, he had the following to share:


famous French film director Claude Lelouch

in the photo: Amma with French film director Claude Lelouch (with the black coat)


“I feel that the 50 movies I have done so far were just a preparation for the next one I am preparing which will revolve around India and Amma.”

“Receiving Amma’s darshan was more touching than winning my Oscars and Palme d’Or awards.”

“This day, January 19th, 2014, is probably the most important day in my 76 years of life.”

“What Amma is doing is the message I try to convey in my films: The message of the heart. What she does is so simple and yet so deeply touching and profound. But how on earth can she meet people for so many hours each day?? Unbelievable energy! She is surely the fullest human being I have met in my life.”


– Kannadi