Amma’s message of Love and Peace reaches Serbia

On 24th November 2013 Br. Shubamrita Chaitanya visited Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It was the first time a representative of Amma was holding a public programme in this Balkan country. The event was organized by the India-Serbia Friendship Society and was held in “Kulturni Centar”, a former synagogue and cultural center right in the center of town. A packed audience attended Br. Shubamrita’s talk, devotional singing and meditation with rapt attention. It was especially so inspiring to see large number of youngsters in the audience, expressing their interest in cultural exchange and personal empowerment.

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Br. Shubamrita’s talk highlighted on the ways to find the treasure of infinite peace and love within. His witty and lively presentation, filled with incidents from Amma’s life and experiences around Amma, immediately struck a chord with the audience. Once could also see many eyes moist with tears watching the introductory video of Embracing the World, which was translated into the Serbian language.

While meeting people after the event, one of the participants of the programme said to Br. Shubamrita, “Many people in this country are suffering due to the wounds of years of war and conflict that this country has gone through. Amma’s message of love, compassion and forgiveness means a lot for the people here. Just hearing about Amma gives us such peace. I can’t imagine what we will feel when we see her with our eyes.”

As Br. Shubamrita left Belgrade for Moscow, he carried with him so many messages for Amma, asking her to visit Serbia as soon as possible, and thanking her for all that she was doing to spread the message of love and compassion in the world.