Amma in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

June 25-26, Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Ameirca Yatra 2013

After the Dallas programs, Amma and the tour group travelled almost 1400km north and visited the city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa for the first time.

Along the way the group stopped with Amma under the shade of a grove of trees just besides a small lake. It was a truly idyllic setting to sit and eat lunch with Amma, sing bhajans and listen to her satsang.

amma iowa
Amma being garlanded by the mayor of Cedar Rapids Ron Corbett

Amma held two days of programs at the brand new Cedar Rapids Convention Complex. The two days of programs were the very first to be held in the large exhibit hall. To mark the occasion and officially welcome Amma to Iowa both Mayor Ron Corbett and Member of the County Board of Supervisors, Ben Rodgers, were on the dais to garland Amma and addressed the crowd.

After two days of satsang, bhajans and darshan, Amma finished her final program early in the morning and went to visit the new Iowa Ashram for the first time. Nestled among corn fields, fruit trees, vegetable and flower gardens, under vibrant blue skies and the auspicious gaze of a small herd of cows, the center sits on 12 beautiful acres of land. Amma sat outside with local devotees and watched the sunrise over the majestic horizon and shared a few more precious moments with them before traveling on to Toronto, Canada for the next stop on the tour.

– Tulasi