Free monthly pension to 3000 more

27 Sep 2012, Amritapuri – Amma’s 59th Birthday celebrations
During the 59th birthday celebrations of Amma, along with the many charitable projects, AmritaNidhi, free monthly pension program was extended to 3000 more.

K.M. Mani, Minister for Finance, Law & Housing, inaugurated this new phase of Amrita Nidhi pension scheme.  in which the beneficiaries were  from 45,000 to 48,000. He said, “We all have mothers, but Kerala has only one Amma. There is an old saying: ‘Even if one has 10 foster mothers, she is not equal to the real mother.’ Amma has transformed into the embodiment of motherly love, sacrifice and service—like a real mother. Therefore, this mother of Kerala has become the mother of the world. To hear the immortal nectar of Amma’s words is an immense good fortune. Amma’s service activities are unparalleled by even the government.”