Blissful Krishna’s Birthday Celebrations

08 Sep 2012, Amritapuri
The celebrations to mark Krishna’s Birthday began early in the morning. Children were dressed up as Krishnas and the gopis; some painting their faces and skin all in blue to be a perfect physical copy of the Lord of Vrindavan. A large number of ashramites, devotees and visitors took part in a special procession that started from Kuzhithura Krishna temple, singing Krishna bhajans, clapping hands and dancing. Smiles and happy greetings on all faces!

Amma came down for darshan earlier than usual since there was such a large crowd on hand for the festivities. Then a little before 4.30 pm Amma came to the front of the main temple building where large crowds had gathered eagerly. Although the weather had been unseasonably rainy, the sun came out for the day. Amma watched the children and youngsters play, Uriyadi, with great excitement, trying their luck at breaking swinging pots of water, a game reminiscent of Krishna’s escapades stealing pots of butter. With bursting enthusiasm, Amma sang Krishna bhajans, adding to the level of excitement for the young pot breakers. The balconies of the all the accommodation buildings were full of devotees enjoying the colorful scene from high above.

Directly after the games concluded everyone proceeded to the evening bhajans in the big auditorium led by Amma. The bhajans delighted everyone present till around 8:30pm. Soon after the bhajans ended there were a several dances and cultural performances put on by devotees and students of Amrita University. But there was still more to come. After the performances, a video of Amma’s message for the occasion, was played on the screens {news}. When the message ended, Amma came back to the stage which was now adorned with beautiful Krishna statues, oil lamps, garlands, trays of flowers and a large painting of Amma as Krishna. With the added divine presence of Amma, the scene was extraordinarily beautiful. The reading of the Srimad Bhagavatam started along with a special puja honoring the birth of Lord Krishna.

At the stroke of midnight, bells and screams of joy announced the advent of the fervently awaited divine moment: the glorious time of Krishna’s birth! Amma immediately started a special Krishna bhajan session with ‘Agatanayi Aganayi Vishnu Devan,’ clapping her hands and beaming with a smile.

As soon as the midnight bhajans session ended, Amma asked everyone to stand up and forget all their worries and dance with her. Amma also stood up and just as she had done a few days before on Onam.  She stood facing the hundreds of gopis and gopas who filled the big auditorium, she enchanted the hearts of all with an enchanting and divinely graceful dance while singing two beautiful bhajans- Bolo Bolo Gokula Bala and Tananna Tananna. Everyone in the hall stood and danced with her, swaying left and right, jumping with joy and clapping hands.

As the dancing and singing ended, Amma moved to the edge of the stage where a large table was set up in front of her, and for the next hour or so, she offered glasses of delicious payasam to all those present. It was nearing 2am when she retired to her room, leaving a lifetime memory in the hearts of all.

Another blissful festive day at Amritapuri, Amma’s international Gurukulam…

– Kannadi