Role of temples changed in today’s world

11 March 2011, Fiji

Br. Shantamrita addressed the crowd of 100 or so local Indo-Fijians on the topic of “the Role of Temples in Today’s World”. The program was held at Siva Mandir which is one of the oldest temples in Fiji.

In the talk, Br. Shantamrita recognized that these days many people often find it difficult to make time even for many important things in life and that there are so many comforts and attractions in today’s world, constantly fighting for our attention. At the same time, he emphasized that people experience a lot of stress and tension in their lives. In this context and with the audience’s participation, he addressed questions such as what is the age-old role of temples changed in today’s world and how should we understand the significance of temples in relation to the changing world around us? The local people were fascinated by the topic and could relate to it well.
The talk was followed by bhajans together the members of the Amma Fiji Satsang Group as well as distribution of prasad.