The Blessings of a Spring

21 – 23 July 2008, Toronto, Canada

At the close of Amma’s 2008 North American Tour, Amma held a 4-day program in Toronto. The state capital of Ontario is a melting pot of many nationalities, including large Indian and Chinese populations. This was reflected in the diversity of people standing in line to meet Amma. The lines snaked through the corridors and several seating areas throughout the program venue, and numbered in the thousands.

Dr. Rudy Dhalla, Member of Parliament, officially welcomed Amma to Canada, presenting her with an honorary plaque from the Government of Canada. In her speech, Dr. Dhalla expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Amma on behalf of the people of Canada for her inspirational message of love and service, adding, “Amma, your message has touched us all. I hope that you will continue to come back to us here in Canada, and thank you again for giving so tremendously much to us.”

Mr. John Sprovieri, Regional Counselor from the city of Brampton, was also on hand to welcome Amma. In his remarks, he said, “We are so fortunate to have people like Amma who is close to our Creator. The spirit of the Creator is within her very strongly.” He also presented an official plaque from the city of Brampton to Amma.

Finally, Mr. Tirath Singh, representing the Indian Consulate General of Toronto, shared his thoughts on the significance of Amma’s visit, saying,  “We are blessed to have a saint amongst us today. It’s a lesson for all of us wherever we are to work towards the welfare of humanity.”

Mr. Singh spoke in Toronto, but it was a statement that could have been made anywhere on the tour, by any one of Amma’s children.

“Vasantha vat lokahitam charantah”—Like the spring season, the Mahatma travels for the good of the world. The spring season of Amma’s presence is coming to a close in North America, but it just about to dawn in Kerala.

— Kannadi