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We will be able to transform this earth into heaven

(22 Jul '15)

Amma, who was invited for the daylong function by the Special Envoy for the Protection of the Planet of French President François Hollande, could not physically make it to the venue because she was concluding her seven-week American tour. However, an audio-visual address of hers was send. Here is the message: “Amma bows down to […]

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Never ignore eco degradation, Amma tells Climate Summit in Paris

(21 Jul '15)

21 July 2015, Paris, France Amma stressed today the importance of employing a spiritual approach in checking global warming, cautioning countries across the world about the ill-effects of humanity’s continuing deeds against nature. “Ignoring the current environmental situation is like a man on the top floor of flats being indifferent to the fire on the […]

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Reconciling Ancient Spiritual Wisdom And Modern Technology For Societal Transformation

(10 Jul '15)

United Nations Academic Impact – START/Amrita University Conference on Technology for Sustainable Development Keynote Address by Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi Chancellor, Amrita University New York, 8th July 2015 * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * [Serving in her role as Chancellor of Amrita University, Amma addressed researchers […]

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Yoga helps us to reconnect with nature and God

(22 Jun '15)

Amma’s Message for the first-ever‎International YogaDay “Today is International Yoga day. Previously, people did not need to have a special day for performing Yoga because Yoga was part and parcel of their lives. Unfortunately, now we need special a special day to remind us to perform Yoga, just as we need a day to remember […]

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Environmental conservation is not so much part of mankind’s dharma towards Nature

(15 Apr '15)

Excerpts form Amma’s Vishu message. 15 April 2015, Amritapuri Vishu is an expression of our culture’s deep connection with Nature. The Kani Konna flower, the Kani Vellari vegetable and all the various fruits of Vishu are not only are associated with a successful harvest, they also symbolize the love and respect our ancestors had for […]

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Keep the head cool, heart warm

(18 Feb '15)

18 Feb 2015, Amritapuri Shivaratri was celebrated at Amritapuri with enthusiasm and devotion last night. Around midnight, Amma held a special bhajan session and led the assembled crowd in singing soulful Shiva bhajans. Before concluding, Amma asked even everyone to stand up, forget themselves and dance to the tune as she sang “Bolo Bolo Sab […]

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Why Non-Hindus are not allowed inside Temples

(2 Feb '15)

21 Jan, Kanyakumari, Bharata Yatra 2015 Rooftop Satsang at Amrita Vidyalayam – Kanyakumari The tour group sat around Amma in the evening. After bhajans and dinner, one Italian lady who has been touring with Amma said, “I was living in Chennai for some time and I developed devotion towards Goddess Meenakshi. I got a chance […]

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