Food for the flood affected in Chennai

23 Nov 2015, Chennai

Due to unusually heavy rainfall over the past few weeks, the Adyar River overflowed its banks, ‪flooding‬ thousands of houses in the Indian city of Chennai. Tens of thousands of people have been impacted by the flooding. In one of the hardest-hit areas — Choolaipallam, MGR Nagar, South Chennai — Led by Br. Vinayamrita, MAM volunteers have been providing free breakfast, lunch and dinner to the affected people since November 20th and continue to do so. About 1,000 people are being fed three times a day.‬



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Flood relief work in Japan

September 2015, Japan

Following more than a week of rains in early September, Tropical Storm Etau could not have hit eastern Japan at a worse time. On September 9th, Etau began to further inundate the already rain-soaked terrain north of Tokyo—dumping as much as 2 more feet (65 cm) of rain in 24 hours in some areas. The storm finally caused levees to fail and rivers to overflow their banks, leading to massive flooding and hundreds of landslides. By September 12, the flooding had ravaged Ibaraki, Tochigi, and Miyagi Prefectures, causing nearly $100 million of damage across the entire region and killing seven people. Over 18,000 homes were flooded, and nearly 3000 people still remain in evacuation shelters.

Our volunteers immediately arrived on the scene in Joso, one of the hardest hit cities. Additional volunteers also arrived from the Japanese student volunteer organization, IVUSA, many of whom had already worked with us in India on our disaster relief programs in Uttarakhand, Nagapattinam, and Pune. They quickly rekindled the joyous spirit in which they had previously served in India, and their enthusiasm for helping others even managed to bring smiles to the faces of the flood survivors as well. Manning a tented kitchen in a park encircled by flood wreckage, the combined teams of Embracing The World and IVUSA teams cooked some 500 meals of Japanese soup and rice for lunch and Indian curry for dinner for the displaced flood victims. Most of the meal recipients reported that our meals were the first hot food they had eaten since the flooding began many days earlier.

In teams of 10, the volunteers visited Joso’s flooded houses. Muddy waters often still filled these homes, so the ETW-IVUSA teams moved furniture, appliances, tatami mats, and other household items to drier places. Our volunteers’ enthusiastic and compassionate service not only improved the physical circumstances of the flood victims, but also warmed the hearts and lit the faces of those victims as well.




Amrita disaster relief team to visit flood affected Rajasthan & Gujarat

6 Aug 2015, Kochi
Amrita institute of medical sciences disaster relief team left Kochi for flood affected areas of Rajasthan & Gujarat. With all the modern equipment for treatment – a telemedicine unit, two emergency ambulances consisting of facilities to recognise rat fever, dengue fever and jaundice in two minutes along with cardiac emergency unit, colour ultra sonography, x-ray, radiography, small operation theatre, delivery room, ECG unit, and light microscopy unit – they were flagged off from Kochi today.

The disaster team consists of 25 members which includes doctors, nurses and paramedics.

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Kavre Palanchowk – Nepal earthquake disaster relief

Kavre was one of the most affected districts, so much so that in the first photo you can see Shri. Upareti ex-Labour Minister of Nepal receiving blankets and windcheaters and afterwards tin sheets from us. His houses in the village were totally devastated. He was so moved by our help that he declared that he would come to Kerala to express his gratitude to Amma for helping in this hour of need. Again, even before we packed and left for the next village people had already started using the tin sheets as roofing over makeshift bamboo frames they had put up.

The next place we covered was Kudari Gaon in which hundreds of affected had been shortlisted to receive aid from us. The villagers were very grateful to us and honoured our representatives with scarves as is the local custom.
Maadan Kudari Gaon Ward No. 4,5,6,7,8
4 – Kudari Mathilo Tol
5 – Kudari Tallo Tol
6 – Bhidantali Tol
7 – Taadi
8 – Chaula Tol

The Hon’ble Prime Minster welcomed Amma’s international organisation to Nepal and requested to continue its relief and rehabilitation activities in affected areas of Nepal.

– Dass



Serving in Sindhupal Chowk, Nepal Earthquake

We received a plea from some villages in Melamchi in Sindhupal Chowk asking for help as very little help was reaching them. By this time tarpaulins were simply not available in Nepal so it was being sourced through India from where it could take anything between a week or ten days for it to get to us. And then the extra time required for carting it to the villages. So rather than wait for so long to meet a need which was so urgent, we decided to provide tin sheets which would serve both as a temporary shelter and could be used for roofing when they were able to build a house.

We were able to provide the best quality tin sheets and sacks of rice, cooking oil, good quality wind cheaters and blankets to villagers in these areas.

The areas which benefitted:
1. Thakure
2. Bangaon
3. Bimire
4. Pandit Tol
5. Acharya Tol
6. Baguwa
7. Shikharpur
8. Nawalpur

Melamchi Nagar Palika Ward no.6 – Sacks of Rice; Cooking Oil; Windcheater(as they were having unseasonal rains to protect them both from the cold as well as rain); Blanket & Tin Sheets for roofing for Acharya Tol


– Dass

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Extending help to our brothers and sisters in Nepal

In the initial days of the Nepal Earthquake, we were able to extend help to our brothers and sisters in Bhaktapur, Sindhupal Chowk and Kavre districts.

Bhaktapur District
Rice, Dal, Cooking Oil, Soap as well as Biscuits
With the help of the Nepalese army as well as local youth clubs, the ashram volunteers were able to reach out to a huge number of affected people. Tracts of Bhaktapur looks like a war zone with whole building blocks razed to the ground. It was saddening to see the army digging for bodies on one side as the displaced survivors rummaged in the rubble trying to scavenge what little food or furniture or building materials they could. Death on one side and an endless urge to live and survive on the other – seemed to sum up the human condition.

The army personnel helped in everything – from purchase of the materials, to stock maintenance and then finally disbursement as per needs to the different refugee camps.

We were able to provide Rice, Dal, Cooking Oil, Soap, and even biscuits for children in these camps. Hundreds of families were benefitted here. The people were very grateful especially as they learnt that ashram situated in Kerala was extending help to them in Nepal.

1. Baudh Vihar camp
2. Korean Hospital
3. Bhulangkhel
4. Saraswati Khel
5. Tikani
6. Niko Sera
7. Sipatol
8. Mount Sinai School


– Dass


“I feel the burden on my shoulder lessened” – Sushil Koirala, PM of Nepal

In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Nepal the Mata Amritanandamayi Math was also there to come forward with an offer to help. Amma immediately sent representatives to Nepal to assess the situation and help in whatever way possible. The Math was engaged in providing basic provisions – Rice, Dal, Clothing, Blankets, etc. Seeing that the devastation had made many in the villages homeless, the Math was engaged in distribution of tin sheets for roofing – with an aim to providing temporary shelter, which could later be used as part of their permanent housing too.

In the last few days Amma’s ashram has provided 1,00,000 Tetanus Toxoid vaccines and tons of medicines. Due to the thousands injured, the need for the Anti-Tetanus Toxoid vaccine was strongly felt. The need and scarcity of vaccine were also voiced within the medical circles. The vaccine is not only crucial for those directly injured but equally important for the post-disaster period, where injuries from collapsed debris pose new threats for adults and children alike.

In response to this urgent need, Mata Amritanandamayi Math organised 1,00,000 doses of ATT vaccine to be urgently sent to Kathmandu by air from Malaysia. Ms. Mridula Koirala, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister accepted the consignment on behalf of the Hon’ble Prime Minister. Thus far, this is the single largest supply of ATT vaccine provided by any aid organization since the earthquake struck.

Apart from the vaccine, the Math has donated two tons of essential medicines and surgical items to the Bir Hospital, the biggest Govt. Hospital in Nepal. The supplies were received by the Hospital Director, Prof. Dr Swoyam Prakash Pandit in the presence of Ms. Mridula Koirala. The Director thanked Amma for sending the critical vaccine and the other medicines at the most needed hour.

Math representatives had met Sri. Sushil Koirala, Hon. Prime Minister of Nepal on 18-5-15 and had detailed discussion about the relief activities so far undertaken by the Math. The Hon. Prime Minister expressed his appreciation of Amma’s compassion and lauded the Math’s activities in the hour of great crisis. Also, the Prime Minister opined that in the aftermath, the coming of aid and assistance from various countries and organisations from around the world was really inspiring. He added, “With the compassion and aid from a great humanitarian like Amma, I feel the burden on my shoulder lessened.”

Over the years, the Mata Amritanandamayi Math has been effectively helping in post-disaster situations. Starting from the earthquake in Lattur Maharashtra, the Math was one of the biggest agencies post-tsunami to render immediate aid in the form of temporary shelters, food, clothing, etc. to long-term solutions like housing, vocational training etc. After the natural calamity in Uttarakhand, the Math is still active there helping rebuild houses, schools, colleges and providing vocational training, empowering women and tablet-aided learning for children.




– Dass


Serving the victims of Nepal earth quake

Katmandu, Nepal

Direct by Amma, volunteers of Embracing the world is there in Nepal to help the earthquake victims in relief operations. Along with the Nepal army two truck loads of rice, wheat, dal, oil, blanket and other items were distributed.


Earlier Amma had directed Embracing the World to send 50 tons of wheat, 2,000 sets of warm clothes and medicines to Kathmandu as immediate aid for survivors of the devastating earthquake.

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Amrita medical relief benefits 6000 people affected by Kashmir floods

New Delhi, 31 Oct 2014

Mata Amritanandamayi Math (MAM) carried out a medical relief mission in Kashmir this month for the victims of the Jammu Kashmir (Jhelum) floods, benefiting close to 6,000 people. The 20-member crew has returned to Kerala after treating patients affected by everything from allergies, dysentery, and worm infestations to psychological trauma. The team also helped protect the remaining livestock by distributing medicines to animals in distress.


Earlier this month, two mobile Telemedicine units carrying health and relief facilities run by 14 doctors and paramedical staff toured 12 places in the worst-affected Bandipore and Badgam districts in a fortnight-long exercise.

The Rs. 2.5-crore Telemedicine unit facility is equipped with two beds, ultra sonography, X-ray radiography, ventilator, minor operation theatre, delivery room, electro cardiography, light microscopy, digital photography and bio-chemical testing for hepatitis-B and rat fever. The centrally air-conditioned Telemedicine unit was equipped with a satellite-based video conferencing facility. The signal output from the various devices in the emergency ambulance unit was transmitted to Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences hospital in Kochi for expert opinion.


The medical team held camps in the areas of Ashtangoo, Kulhama, Laharwalpora, Sumbal, Naugam, Zalpora, Naid Khai, Hajin and Magam. In addition to consultations, the team distributed medicines, as well as services such as lab tests, ultrasounds, ECG and X-ray. The crew even facilitated two deliveries, including a C-section.


Dr Puneet Dhar, who led the medical mission, noted that common diseases plaguing the disaster-hit regions included skin ailments such as scabies, allergies, gastroenteritis, worm infestations, respiratory infections (especially in children), backbone and joint pain, hypertension and depression. “We also treated people with diseases that are unrelated to the floods. They included gallstones, diabetes, urinary disorders, dyspepsia and sexually transmitted diseases,” he revealed.

For their part, the rural beneficiaries expressed gratitude to MAM and Amma. Said Sajjad Husain of Zalpora village: “We are deeply touched by the services of a good team of doctors all the way from Kerala. On behalf of all villagers, our sincere thanks to Amma.”



The doctors who carried out operations in the Valley were experts in general medicine and surgery, community medicine, gastro-intestinal surgery, pediatrics, emergency medicine, neuro surgery, dental science and gynecology. A veterinary doctor also was part of the team.


Animal Care
The veterinary doctor of the team noted that a drop in immunity has made the livestock more prone to parasites and infections. “The floods led to loss of animal feed, thereby leading to starvation and creating high stress levels in the animals.” This in turn places the villagers who are dependent on the livestock for their livelihood under severe economic pressure when they are already reeling from flood damages.
As a counter-measure, the team distributed high-quality mineral mixture to around 500 animals, including cows, buffaloes, sheep and horses. De-worming drugs were provided to stop parasitic infections. Sheep and goats were treated for wounds and minor injuries. Others were treated for ticks, as well as gynecological and skin problems.


Blanket distribution
The Math distributed approximately 3,000 blankets in Kashmir, following suggestions from Bandipore District Commissioner Shah Faesal. These blankets will be given to people who have lost their houses and are now living in tin shelters and under tarpaulin roofs. MAM would provide them more blankets in the coming months when the temperature will fall even further.

Building houses
An MAM delegation led by Br. Nijamrita Chaitanya met state Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and conveyed the Math’s willingness to reconstruct houses in the Valley. They also briefed the CM about MAM’s activities in the Valley.


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Hundreds in Kashmir throng Amrita Hospital’s medical relief camp

12 Oct 2014, Bandipore, Jammu Kashmir

Hundreds of Kashmir’s flood-victims thronged the medical relief camp set up by Amrita Hospital in Bandipore district of Jammu and Kashmir. A team of 15 medical specialists and paramedics are providing critical medical care to flood victims in the worst-affected areas of the district including Ashtingoo Ghat, Kulhama, Laharwalpora and Sumbal-Sonawari. Over 2,300 people of these areas have been examined and dispensed with medicines.


A mobile hospital and tele medicine unit is equipped with intensive care unit, ventilator, ECG, Colour Echo cardiogram, X-Ray Radiography, Light Microscopy with the team are providing advanced pathological support.

About 52 villages in Bandipore district was completely submerged in last months massive floods and hundreds of houses, several health facilities, schools and police stations were submerged in the floods, besides damaging standing crops in hundreds of hectares. According to the Divisional Commissioner Dr. Shah Faesal, 60,000 people were displaced in the floods, while dozens of families are still living in tents on roads and safer areas. Over 2,000 houses were completely damaged in the district.


The medical camp, which began on 8th will continue till 13th October in Bandipore district, while during the second phase, it will shift to Magam in Badgam district of Kashmir.