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May the New Year lead to the birth of a new individual and a new society

(2 Jan '12)

New Year, Sunday, 00.10 am, 1 January 2012 – Amritapuri “May our lives and the lives of all beings be pervaded with goodness. This is Amma’s prayer on this occasion. May the divine power to effect positive change – both in ourselves and in the world – awaken in Amma’s children. Amma’s prayer is that […]

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New Year Eve of 2012

(2 Jan '12)

May our lives and the lives of all beings be pervaded with goodness. This is Amma’s prayer on this occasion. 2012 New Year celebrations at Amritapuri

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Love, light, compassion, fragrance and beauty fill your heart

(1 Jan '11)

Amritapuri, New Year eve 2011 The dawn of 2011 was celebrated in grandeur with Amma here at Amritapuri. In addition to Indian devotees, more than 1500 visitors from abroad had flown in to be with Amma for the new year. The evening hall was packed and every corner had people from various regions and languages. […]

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Make your life a celebration

(3 Jan '10)

Thousands of people gathered in the Ashram Main hall on New Year’s Eve with Amma to welcome 2010.   The celebrations began at 11pm with a series of cultural performances.  A group of children began with a song “I am the light of the world, I am wonderful, I am beautiful…”  The second performance was a […]

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Overcome the times of trouble with Spiritual strength

(2 Jan '09)

Amma said in her New Year message “Everything in the world is changing—with one exception: our negative mental state! We should develop a mind devoid of egoism—a mind that doesn’t fall apart in failure, a mind that finds joy in giving and accepts adversity with love. Such a mind will never experience sorrow.”

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Dancing our way into the New Year

(1 Jan '09)

01 Jan 2009 The calendar  year might have been about to change, but thankfully, Amma wasn’t. She was still doing what she has been doing Her entire life – giving darshan, pouring compassion and raining Love- as the new year approached. Everyday is a celebration with Amma, but there are some days that are more […]

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“Imagine the sun rising in your heart”: 2006 begins in celebration

(1 Jan '06)

Midnight, 1 January 2006 —Amritapuri When the clock struck midnight, Amma had been giving darshan for more than 13 hours. The New Year’s Eve dances and other cultural performances had taken place at Amma’s side. Darshan finished almost exactly with the beginning of 2006. The thousands of devotees  from all over the world who had […]

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