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The mystery of death: Why is it a secret?

(21 Dec '05)

21 December 2005 — auto-parts factory and repair facility, just off NH45, Pondicherry About halfway to Chennai from Nagapattinam, one of the vehicles in Amma’s caravan began showing signs of engine trouble. It was also past time for lunch. So when the caravan passed by a large auto-parts factory and engine-repair facility, Amma instructed everyone […]

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Would a mother trick her children?

(16 Dec '05)

16 December 2005 — Amritapuri Devi is the Goddess, the Divine Mother of the Universe. But in puranas, hymns and other devotional works she is also spoken of as maya, the illusory power. For example in the Lalita Sahasranama, the 716th mantra is Om mayayai namah.1 On the one hand we are presented with Devi […]

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Helping the students to fully blossom

(9 Dec '05)

9 December 2005 — Amritapuri When the professors from the United States took their seats, the first thing Amma asked them was if they were tired. Indeed, they had been on a whirlwind schedule: first to Delhi where they signed the MoU regarding the Indo-US e-Learning initiative, then to the Coimbatore campus of Amrita University […]

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For 6000 euros, could you hatch an egg?

(5 Dec '05)

5 December 2005 – Amritapuri “If someone were to say to you, ‘I will give you 6,000 euros if you can hatch this egg for me right now,’ would you be able to do it?” Amma asked. “Or what if they were to give you a flower bud and then tell you that they will […]

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Time freezes in the snow with Amma

(1 Dec '05)

1 December 2005 — Kirchbrombach, Odenwald, Germany After two months of touring Europe and America, Amma was finally on her way back to Amritapuri. But as Amma’s return trip home included a one-night stop in Germany, she was able to stop at the same horse ranch in Odenwald that she had visited two months earlier […]

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It is a pleasure to honour Amma

(26 Nov '05)

26 November 2005, Michigan At the beginning of the evening program, Michigan State Senator Gilda Jacobs honoured Amma with a citation that was read aloud: “Let it be known, that it is a pleasure, indeed, to honour Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, known worldwide as Amma, for her service and dedication to humanity. Presenting the honour, she […]

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Come to know who you really are

(16 Nov '05)

16 November 2005 — Dublin International Airport, Ireland The sun had not yet risen when Amma entered the Dublin Airport, but several of Amma’s devotees from Ireland were there waiting. They wanted to see her once more before her departure for America. The two days Amma had spent giving darshan in Dublin had not been […]

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