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Healer of Healers

(14 Aug '03)

Amma talks with medical students 14 August 2003, Amritapuri 100 medical students from Amrita University came to Amritapuri and received the blessing of a private group meeting with Amma today. Most were meeting Amma for the very first time, and had just completed their first 2 weeks of life in medical school. This batch of […]

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Independence Day

(14 Aug '03)

14 Aug 2003,Amritapuri It was late in the evening of 14th August, and Amritapuri witnessed a quiet metamorphosis, brought about by the engineering and computer students of the Amrita Institutions. At around 10 pm, as Amma led the chanting of Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu, the youth started lighting lamps on the floor of the expansive […]

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The bell rang three times

(29 Jul '03)

29 July, 2003,Amritapuri The bell rang three times. The ashramites knew Amma would be coming any moment. Everyone rushed to Amma’s courtyard. The gates were open wide for Amma’s car. But then when the crowd heard the sound of excited voices by the old temple, they realized that Amma was coming via a side passage—on […]

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Honorary Citizenship and the Key to the City

(14 Jul '03)

14 July 2003,Chicago-Area Cities Award Amma After a full weekend of Amma’s programs in the Chicago area, the working Monday morning still found devotees making their way into Amma’s soothing presence, yearning for more time in the peaceful vicinity of this Spiritual Master in the form of a loving Mother. On this day, the crowded […]

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There is no key that can lock love

(24 Jun '03)

24 June 2003,Los Angeles Amma Officially Welcomed to Los Angeles This morning Amma began Her yearly programs here in Los Angeles, CA, USA. But before Amma could begin to receive Her children, She was officially honored by representatives of the Los Angeles County, its Board of Supervisors, and the city of Los Angeles. The Los […]

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Japan 2003

(22 May '03)

Amma  visited Japan in 2003

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Meditation on the Seashore

(9 May '03)

9 May 2003, Amritapuri When Amma is at Amritapuri, the schedule for Friday is well known: Amma comes out at around 11 or 11:30 a.m. to the temple hall. She leads a short meditation, and then conducts a question-answer session during which She switches back and forth between being the questioner and the answerer. Everybody […]

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