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Is it really tapas?

(30 Sep '01)

30 September 2001,Amritapuri In this day and age, when huge lorries can rumble from one end of the ashram to the other, you have to wonder why Mother still calls for sand seva. There is a long tradition of sand seva at Amritapuri. It began in the earliest days, when the ashram consisted of a […]

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Prayer really helps

(18 Sep '01)

Sept. 18, 2001 Amritapuri Tuesday is a day set aside for meditation at Amritapuri. It also provides a precious opportunity for all the residents to spend a few hours in Amma’s presence. At this time Amma can give all Her attention to answering questions and discussing spiritual matters with Her children. In the morning everyone […]

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Pure dance

(31 Aug '01)

31 August 2001, Amritapuri It is natural to feel a bit reserved among strangers or in big crowds. And when you are in an ashram, you would imagine that you would have to behave with a certain decorum. But when the Guru Herself tells you to drop your shyness and embarrassment, stand up and dance… […]

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Want Rice?

(21 Aug '01)

21 August 2001, Amritapuri A Real-Life Allegory Watch! A little boy arrives in front of Mother’s table. She has finished serving Tuesday lunch to everyone else in the temple. She asks him, “Rice?” No particular response. So She takes a plate of rice and curry and holds it out to him. He shakes his head […]

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A mere pigeon?

(16 Aug '01)

16 August 2001, Amritapuri Last Tuesday, a mangled bird lay nestled on Amma’s lap while She meditated. No, not exactly Her lap. Mother sat in the half-lotus position, with Her right Foot on Her left thigh, sole upturned, as She usually does for meditation. When a little girl brought the wounded bird, Mother (Who had […]

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Kali In the kitchen

(13 Aug '01)

13 August 2001, Amritapuri There was an eager crowd waiting for Mother after bhajans; that’s when She feeds and plays with Ram. But Ram was not to be seen. When Mother came, instead of walking to Her room, She took a left turn and strode into the big, new “industrial” kitchen. It was time for […]

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Payasam for Pachyderm

(11 Aug '01)

11July 2001,Amritapuri Amma is not one of those people who say one thing and do another. You can count on it: if She tells Her children to do things a certain way, She will follow Her own directives. She models what She teaches. Take this evening when She was playing with Ram after bhajans: It […]

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