Amma to Receive Cinema Verite Award

12 October 2007 — Paris, France

Tonight, the renowned French film organization Cinema Verite is presenting Amma with an award in acknowledgement of her role as a force for world peace and harmony. Cinema Verite focuses on creating awareness regarding human-rights issues through film. The function is being held in La Bastille, Paris.

Also on the dais for the presentation of the award will be Noble Peace Prize winner Jody Williams, actress Sharon Stone and social and human-rights advocate Bianca Jagger. Sharon Stone will present the award to Amma.

Cinema Verite has also requested Amma to speak about the increasing incidents of man-made and natural disasters in the world today.


Story of an Orphan Bride

27 September 2007 — Amritapuri

It has become a birthday tradition – on Amma’s 54th birthday she once again performed the marriage ceremonies for 50 impoverished couples. The Ashram sponsored all the traditional wedding items—from brocade saris, to gold wedding necklaces and rings to post-wedding family feasts. This year, one of the brides was Jayashree, a 24-year-old girl who says she owes her entire life to Amma.

In her youth, Jayashree lived in Pathanamthitta District in Kerala. Her alcoholic father would regularly beat her mother and threaten Jayasri and her two sisters. One night, Jayashree’s father attacked her mother with a knife. Although only a child, Jayashree tried to stop her father. The incident ended with Jayasri’s mother dead and Jayashree herself blind in one eye.

Her father was sent to prison. And Jayashree and her two sisters were separated. The youngest was taken in by an uncle, the eldest by an orphanage, and Jayasri was sent to the Ashram’s Amrita Niketan orphanage in Paripally, Kollam District.

As an resident of Amrita Niketan, Jayashree frequently visited Amma at the Ashram. “Amma gave me a lot of love,” reflected Jayashree. “The sorrow of losing my mother melted away in Amma’s love.”

07bday marriage-174

Amma dressing up Jayashree for her marriage –>

Jayashree’s education at the Amrita Vidyalayam in Paripalli was similarly sponsored by the Ashram. After she graduated, Amma arranged a job for her at AIMS, the Ashram’s super-specialty hospital in Cochin.

It was while working at AIMS that Jayashree met Shivanandan, an electrician from Kozhikode. They fell in love and decided to get married. Their wish was fulfilled by Amma on September 27th.

Amma has also offered the newlyweds a new house as a part of the Amrita Kuteeram project.



I have got Everything Back

27 September 2007 — Amritapuri

On Amma’s birthday, some 200 children benefitting from the Ashram’s Vidyamritam Program came to Amritapuri from Hyderabad in order to have Amma’s darshan. Vidyamritam is the Ashram’s new project aimed at fighting farmer suicide through the provision of scholarships to 30,000 children from poor agricultural families. Similar students also came from Karnataka, Maharashtra and many parts of Kerala.


The children from Hyderabad, aged 10 to 15, came primarily from Kareem Nagar and Mehaboob Nagar. The majority of their parents had committed suicide, and as such they had been forced to discontinue their educations. In fact, many were having difficulty even getting two square meals a day. Having the lunch provided by the Ashram on Amma’s birthday, many commented that they had never before had such a tasty meal.


Later that day, as they came in and out of Amma’s arms, many of their eyes filled with tears, while smiles lit up their faces.

“My mother and father committed suicide,” said E. Prashant from Kareem Nagar. “I had no one. But now after meeting Amma, I feel as if I’ve gotten everything back. I will study hard and make something of my self.”



Her Deeds made Amma immortal


Sri. Vellappally Nateshan, Secretary, Sri Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam speaking at Amma’s birthday celebrations.

“Amma is a chiranjivi [one who lives on earth forever]. Amma’s deeds themselves have made Amma immortal. Amma will be here until the end of the world as a chiranjivi.

“Each of Amma’s actions come from love alone. Through that, she is doing many good deeds. Look around you! The world has assembled under one roof—people of all languages, casts and religions. The meaning in this is that Amma is the Mother of the World.

“How many dharmas and karmas Amma is performing! No other ashram is able to do this. It should be the role model for other ashrams, and they should develop the inner vision.

“Those who are suffering, those who are sorrowful… Amma is going there and meeting them and giving them small lamps of love. Amma is giving them hope. She is extending her hand to orphans, pulling them up. Amma possesses such a great mind! The Mother of the World. My words may not be doing Amma justice.

“I am not saying this to glorify. I, as the secretary of the SNDP, am saying that only Mata Amritanandamayi Math is successfully implementing a combination of spiritual and worldly dharmas, as Gurudevan stressed. In saying this, I am not exaggerating.

“Amma has come down to the level of the people, understood them, their thoughts and feelings, and has been traveling the entire world for them. I also have been traveling a lot. Wherever I go, I meet Amma’s devotees. In the houses I visit, I see Amma’s photos. There are devotees who love Amma all around the world. Amma has given love and that love is being returned. Furthermore, Amma is giving that love back in thousand folds to the people in the form of houses, pensions and financial support.”