Clearing the grounds

Amma’s birthday will be held on these grounds, just north of Amrita University engineering campus. In spite of daily heavy downpours, construction has been rapidly progressing. The frame for the temporary shed has already been constructed.

Brahmacharinis have been working around the clock to clear the grounds for the celebration. On two occasions Amma joined them.

Birthday Programmes 2007

The 54th Birthday Celebrations of Our Beloved Amma Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi
Programme Schedule

Night of September 26th 2007

  • Musical performance by Shri Balabhaskar and Shri Stephen along with Amrita TV fame Super Stars and Super Dancers
  • Cultural Programs by Students of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Amrita Vidyalayam

September 27th 2007

  • Sri Guru Padapuja
  • Amma’s Birthday Address
  • Inauguration of New Ashram Charitable Projects

Vidyamritam: 30,000 Full Scholarships for Children of Farmers Living Under the Poverty Line
Amritasree: Vocational-Training and Help Setting Up Home-Based Businesses for 5,000 Groups of Women from Agricultural Families

  • Distribution of  clothing and free food
  • Awarding of Amrita Keerti Puruskar
  • Free Marriage Ceremony for Impoverished Couples

Followed by Amma’s Darshan

Night of September 27th 2007

Cultural Programs by Students of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Amrita Vidyalayam

All are invited to come to Amritapuri on this auspicious occasion to celebrate along with us.

ganesh chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi

15 September 2007, Amritapuri

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations in Amritapuri

Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated in Amritapuri with great devotion and enthusiasm. Lord Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles. In the morning, a procession of children headed to visit Lakshmi, the Ashram Elephant. Lakshmi was brought to the Main Temple. Hundreds of Ashramites and visitors sang bhajans while a special puja was performed. In the afternoon, a statue of Ganesha that had been at the Kalari for the past 10 days, was brought to the front of the Main Temple.

Another puja was performed. Music filled the air during the ceremonies. After the puja, a procession was formed to bring the statue to the ocean where it would be immersed. Villagers, children, ashramites, and visitors danced and sang bhajans praising Lord Ganesh. Beach Road became one long happy celebration. The statue of Ganesh was placed on a chariot for th procession.  Reaching the ocean, the statue is immersed in the sea. Ultimately all forms have to merge into the formless – All names and forms into the Consciousness – This is the message of Ganesh Chaturthi.


Tele-medicine Kalpetta camp

9 – 10 Sep 2007, Kalpetta, Wayanad
Satellite Tele-medicine Camp was held on Sunday the 9th and Monday the 10th of September at the Amrita Kripa Charitable hospital. Over four hundred patients were seen in the two-day period. This camp’s specialty was general medicine.
This is the twentieth visit the Tele-medicine unit has made to Kalpetta this year.


Preparations for B’day

pandalPreparations have begun for Amma’s Birthday Celebrations which will on Sept. 27th. This year, they will be held on the grounds of Amrita University’s Engineering College across the backwaters in Valikkavu. On September 8th, Swami Amritaswarupananda led the ceremonial ‘kalnattu karmam’ where a traditional pillar is installed at the site.

Ashramites, volunteers, and visitors are helping to clear the huge field just north of the main engineering college building. The field is currently used as as a storage area for construction materials used in the ever-expanding engineering campus. To the north, lie the metal and wood workshops where the doors, windows and frames were constructed for the thousands of tsunami homes built by the ashram throughout India.

View the grounds of Amritapuri campus from Google map

Onam with Tribals

25 Aug 2007, Idukki

Workers atf the JSS office in Idukki, which is managed by MAM, in celebration of Onam, pledged to distribute 1000 packages of food staples to the poor and needy over the next few months. In a function held last week, Sri K.K. Jayachandran (MLA – Udumpanchola) handed out the 108 first bags.


One elderly recipient was too frail to attend the function, so the package was brought to her instead. At 85 years, she lives in a dilapidated shack near a hospital.


The JSS is also helping a number of remote tribal villages in the Idukki District of Kerala to become economically stable while maintaining their cultural traditions and values. During a recent visit, the villagers asked the staff members what they would be giving them for Onam as it is traditional to give gifts during this holiday.


The staff members were humbled when the villagers responded that they would prefer rice rather than the traditional gift of clothing . As such, the JSS office decided to distribute food packages to them as well.

The tribal children were also given new pens and notebooks.

Gokulashtami Celebrations

Gokulashtami (Lord Krishna’s Birthday) was celebrated at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Ettimadai campus on Tuesday, 4th September, 2007 with great enthusiasm and fanfare. It has always been the tradition at Amrita University to celebrate all Indian festivals in a befitting manner and this year’s Gokulashtami celebrations were no exception with the entire campus wearing a festive garb.

The highlight of the colourful celebrations was a procession in which more than 4000 students, staff and residents of the Amrita campus participating. Brahmachari Abhayamrita Chaitanya, Chief Operating Officer of Amrita led the procession, which included ten beautiful floats depicting various incidents in Lord Krishna’s life like Gitopadesha, Bhakta Kuchela, Kaliya Mardhana, Govardhana Giridhari etc. Children dressed up like Krishna added more colour and gaiety to the procession. The accompaniment of Bhajans with drums and other musical instruments made the entire atmosphere and procession charged with devotional fervour for Lord Krishna with students singing and dancing. The floats were conceptualized and designed by student groups in various departments and schools of Amrita University. A prize was also given to the best float, which went to the Electrical and Electronics department.

To encourage healthy competition and bring out the hidden potential and talents of the students, various competitions in sports, literary and cultural events were also conducted. The sports competitions included Uriadi, Pole Climbing & Tug of war. Cultural competitions were held in Vocal Music (Solo and group), Dance (Solo and group), Instrumental Music (Percussion), Skits based on Sri Krishna’s teachings, Rangoli, Painting, Clay Modeling, Gita Chanting etc. The literary competitions were in Quiz on Sri Krishna, Debate etc. Prizes were distributed to the outstanding performers.

Earlier in the day, the celebrations started with Sahasranama Archana followed by Nagara Sankeerthana (Sri Krishna’s idol taken across the campus with stuents and staff singing the glory of the lord). For spiritual upliftment, a discourse (Satsangh) and Bhajans from evening to midnight were also conducted.


Sri Krishna – a master for all times

Krishna Jayanti celebration in Amritapuri

3 September 2007 — Amritapuri

“Many great souls have taken birth on this earth. But Sri Krishna was a master and guide for all times, places and people,” Amma said in her Krishna Jayanti satsang. “The words and actions of many mahatmas only influenced one country or were relevant only at a particular point in time or to one particular section of society. But Sri Krishna’s life and teachings are not like that. They transcend time and space.”

Looking around Amritapuri, the culture-transcending allure of Sri Krishna was abundantly evident. The ashram was full of people of all lands and walks of life celebrating Krishna’s birth and life. And virtually everywhere one looked there were children of all nationalities dressed up as gopis, gopas, Radhas and Krishnas. Amritapuri has been transformed into a sea of colourful saris and swaying peacock feathers.

The children soon formed a procession, walking through the ashram and out into the surrounding villages—the jingle of their anklets adding to the joyous noise of their drums, horns and tambourines. Upon their return, the uriyadi [pot-striking] games began, and Amma and all the ashram residents came to watch as the children tried their best to smash open the clay pots for candy and coins.

At the end of the games, Amma burst into song, singing “Hari Bol Hari Bol!” When the song reached its climax, Amma cried out “Hari Bol!” and pointed her index fingers to skyward, a terrific smile spread across her face.

The actual time of Krishna’s birth was marked with the recital of his birth story. The lines from the Malayalam Srimad Bhagavatam were sung with true pathos, piercing everyone’s heart. Surrounding the lone voice was a pin-drop silence. Towards the end of the reading, puja was offered to a small idol of baby Krishna.

Amma also sang a number of joyous Krishna bhajans, including “Agatanayi Agatanayi Krishna Devan” and “Bolo Bolo Gokula Bala.” She also danced blissfully to “Gopala Nacho Nacho.”

In Amma’s satsang, she spoke of the glory and importance of Sri Krishna’s life and teachings. “Krishna is said to be the completeness of beauty itself,” Amma said. “But that beauty is not just the beauty of an individual; it’s the compounded beauty of the entire universe.”

“Lord Krishna’s birth itself took place in the most difficult of circumstances—in a jail cell. All the demonic forces tried everything they could to prevent Sri Krishna’s birth from taking place. But who could obstruct the glory of the Lord? It was due to the unwavering faith of Vasudeva and Devaki that the Lord took birth as their son. This teaches us that no matter how adverse our circumstance may seem, if we persist with absolute faith, we will be able to overcome them and attain the Lord.”

Amma also glorified the devotion of the gopis, saying how it is their love for Krishna that is remembered over anyone else’s, even though they were with Krishna for a relatively short amount of time. To illustrate this point, Amma told a story wherein the gopis were able to remember the precise details of every single interaction they had ever had with Krishna, no matter how long before it had transpired.

The evening ended with Amma distributing sweet payasam for one and all. It was then that a devotee offered Amma with the opportunity to play some uriyadi of her own, presenting Amma with a stick and a couple clay pots of butter and curd. But he allowed Amma to break open the pots, he wrapped her head in an orange turban, transforming her into the cowherd Krishna of Vrindavan.


Go Puja & Shoba yatra – In Pictures

Swami Ramakrishnananda’s Tour

Swami Ramakrishnananda to visit the following countries.

Shanghai, China

Sep 6th & 7th Public Programs 7-9pm
Venue: Malik’s Yoga Shala
300 Huai Hai Middle Rd. B3 HongKong New World
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IAM meditation class with Br Shantamrita Chaitanya
September 8 at 9:30-1:30 at Malik’s Yoga Shala
Address 300 Huai Hai Middle Rd. B3 HongKong New World
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For further information, please contact Anaswara at +86-139-1788 1785 or email ammasanaswara–at–

Hong Kong

Sep 14th Public Program
Sep 15th IAM Course
Sep 15th (evening) Bhagavati Seva
Sep 16th (morning) Navagraha Homa, followed by satsang and bhajans

For more information Phone : 6050 9685
Email : contact–at–

Manila, Philippines

Sep 8th Public Program
Sep 9th IAM Course 1st part (10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)
Sep 9th Public Program
Sep 10th IAM Course 2nd part (5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.)

or more information:
call (02) 415-2403 or text 0905-2968336


Sep 20th – 21st Perth
Sep 22nd Adelaide
Sep 23rd Sydney
Sep 27th – 29th Melbourne
Sep 30th – Oct 1st Brisbane

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