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Amma visits New Mexico 2006

(26 Jun '06)

Amma visited New Mexico from 26-30 June 2006.

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Divine pictures, music, drama and dance in the city of angels

(25 Jun '06)

24 June 2006 — Los Angeles, California, USA Amma was only in Los Angeles for five days—20 June – 24 June—but her face blessed the city for much longer. Giant posters bearing Amma’s divine image, announcing Amma’s visit, lined the streets of the City of Angels for almost two weeks prior to her arrival. It’s […]

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Support Amma in all her work

(22 Jun '06)

22 June 2006 — Los Angeles, California, USA Ms. Yolanda King, daughter of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., came for Amma’s blessing in Los Angeles. Just before arati, Ms. King garlanded Amma and, with a voice full of emotion, shared her appreciation of Amma with the 3,000 or so people who had come […]

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Amma rocks the house!

(19 Jun '06)

San Ramon Ashram has formed a rock band that always plays around sunrise—serving as a kind of wake-up call to any devotee

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Amma’s interfaith speech is “Ugran, Adipoli”

(10 Jun '06)

Human beings will not have to keep on learning from pain and suffering and loss and death, but that we can learn the way we learn here

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Amma visits San Ramon 2006

(8 Jun '06)

Amma visited her ashram in the hills of San Ramon during her 2006 USa yatra. Programs where held from 8-18 June.

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20th Anniversary of Amma in the West

(3 Jun '06)

3 June 2006 — Seattle, Washington, USA When Amma’s plane touched down at SeaTac Airport in Seattle on May 31st, it marked the 20th year that Amma has come to the United States. As Swami Amritaswarupananda pointed out in one of his morning talks during Amma’s “Northwest Retreat,” a lot has changed in the past […]

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