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Creating memories, collecting pearls

(17 Oct '05)

17 October 2005 – Kirchbrombach, Odenwald, Germany “Is there a white horse?” Amma wanted to know. She was walking around a horse ranch in Odenwald, Germany, a property where many Ashram retreats have been held. The morning was bright and clear, the air was quite cold, and Amma was wrapped in a pink hooded winter […]

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Many musical offerings of mannheim

(16 Oct '05)

13 – 15 October 2005 — Mannheim, Germany Whatever gift a child may offer its mother, she will treasure it with all her heart. The truth of this statement was made evident in Mannheim, where Amma’s devotees offered a diverse array of performances at her feet: a traditional tribal dance from Northern Kerala, a Malayalam […]

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Amma in Manheim 2005

(15 Oct '05)

Photos from Amma her program in Manheim in October 2005 and her visit to the Amma center in Germany

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Om lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

(13 Oct '05)

May Peace & Happiness Prevail Amma has chosen some peace mantras for daily chanting by her devotees and disciples. One of those invocations is Om lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu. Although this mantra does not appear in any of the existent Veda sakhas [Vedic branches], it is an expression of the universal spirit that we find […]

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Amma leads Munich in a prayer for the world

(12 Oct '05)

9 – 11 October 2005 – Munich, Germany From the top of small hill just outside the site of Amma’s programmes in Munich, one could see the entire city spread before them: the stadiums built for the 1972 Summer Olympic games, the steeples of the city’s hundreds of churches, the skyscrapers and industrial buildings, the […]

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The mantra became a remedy

(10 Oct '05)

10 October 2005 — Munich, Germany For the past two years, Nath  Hirsch has worked with mentally challenged children at a School in Munich. Some time back, he spent a month teaching the children about the cultures of Asia, including India’s. As part of those classes, he decided to teach them a few bhajans: simple […]

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Amma visited Munich 2005

(10 Oct '05)

Amma held program from 10-14 October 2005 in Munich, Germany  

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