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Helping Kashmir earthquake victims

(28 Oct '05)

In response to the devastating earthquake in Pakistan and Kashmir in October 2005, Amma sent two of her disciples, Bri. Rasamrita Chaitanya and Br. Abhayamrita Chaitanya, along with volunteers from the Delhi Ashram, to the region to console victims, distribute food and relief materials, and provide other assistance. Hundreds of blankets sent from Amritapuri were […]

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Amma visits Paris 2005

(27 Oct '05)

Amma visited Paris France from 27-30 October 2005

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Amma visits London 2005

(21 Oct '05)

Amma visited London in October of 2005 and held programs for several days.

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Famous in Finland

(20 Oct '05)

18 – 19 October 2005 — Helsinki, Finland After completing her programmes in Germany, Amma travelled to Helsinki for two days of programmes there. The programme venue, a renovated cable factory that now serves as an exhibition hall, was located next to a lake with downtown Helsinki on the opposite bank. When Amma arrived at […]

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Amma, why do you pray?

(19 Oct '05)

Question: Amma, you are established in the Self. Why, then, do you pray? What need is there for you to do sadhana (spiritual practices)? Amma: I have taken this body for the sake of the world. It is not for myself that I have come to this world. If I say, “I am an Avatar,” […]

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Stone laid for houses in Kalmunai

(17 Oct '05)

17 October 2005, Kalmunai, Sri Lanka Today morning, the foundation stone was laid for the construction of 60 houses in Periyanilavanai in the Kalmunai division of Ampara District, Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. As per the Govt. of Sri Lanka’s guidelines, the Math is building 3 story homes, each with a total of 530 square […]

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Kashmir Relief Work 2005

(17 Oct '05)

Br. Abhayamrita and others went to Kashmir to de relief work for the earthquake that happened there fromĀ 17 – 23 October 2005, Uri, Jammu & Kashmir

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