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Japan 2003

(22 May '03)

Amma  visited Japan in 2003

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God and your life

(9 May '03)

Tell everything to God “No matter who causes you grief, take your complaints to the puja room (family shrine), where your real friend is. In addition to your husband or wife, you should have a friend — and that friend should be God. Even if your husband or wife makes you unhappy, tell that to […]

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Meditation on the Seashore

(9 May '03)

9 May 2003, Amritapuri When Amma is at Amritapuri, the schedule for Friday is well known: Amma comes out at around 11 or 11:30 a.m. to the temple hall. She leads a short meditation, and then conducts a question-answer session during which She switches back and forth between being the questioner and the answerer. Everybody […]

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Bhajans, the devotional singing

(8 May '03)

“Bhajans are prayers in the form of songs, rich in meaning and full of devotional content. When one sings a bhajan wholeheartedly, they completely forget themselves and become one with their longing for the divine; this is meditation. In this modern age with distractions galore, traditional meditation and contemplation are not possible for everybody, but […]

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Mantra Japa: Amma on chanting the name of the Lord

(8 May '03)

“Mental purity will come through constant chanting of the divine name. This is the simplest way. You are trying to cross the ocean of transmigration, the cycle of birth and death. The mantra is the oar of the boat; it is the instrument you use to cross the samsara of your restless mind, with its […]

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