God and your life

Tell everything to God

“No matter who causes you grief, take your complaints to the puja room (family shrine), where your real friend is. In addition to your husband or wife, you should have a friend — and that friend should be God. Even if your husband or wife makes you unhappy, tell that to God, and not to anyone else. If your neighbour picks a fight with you, go to the puja room and complain, ‘Why did you let him treat me like that? Weren’t you with me?’ Open your heart and tell God everything. Then it becomes a satsang.”


“When someone makes you happy, tell God about that too. Forgetting God in times of happiness and remembering Him only in times of sorrow is not a sign of true devotion. We should be able to see that He gives us both happiness and sorrow.”


Remember God while performing actions

“Children, remember God while doing actions. (Amma points to a man who is leading ducks through the backwaters.) There is hardly any room in the boat even to keep his legs properly. It is such a small boat. Standing in the boat, he will row with a long oar and lead the ducks as well. Making noise by slapping the oar on the water, the man will guide the ducks if they stray. At intervals, he will smoke a cigarette. He will scoop out any water entering the boat with his feet. He will also converse with the people standing on the bank. Even while doing all these things, his mind will always be on the boat. If his attention wavers even for a moment, losing his balance, the boat will capsize and he will fall in. Children, like this we should live in this world. Whatever work we are doing, our mind should be centred on God. This is easily possible through practice.”


“You can lead a truly spiritual life while remaining a householder. You will be able to enjoy the bliss of the Self, but your mind has to be on God all the time. Then you can easily attain bliss. A mother bird will be thinking of the young ones in the nest, even when she is out looking for food. Similarly, you have to keep your mind on God, while engaged in all worldly actions. The important thing is to be completely dedicated to God or the Guru. Once you have that dedication, the goal will not be far away.”


Practice renunciation from the beginning

“A householder who wishes to lead a spiritual life after completing his responsibilities in the world should exercise renunciation from the very beginning, because it won’t come easily. Renunciation demands constant and long-term practice. He or she may not be able to relinquish everything externally; therefore, he or she should try to be detached from within. The mind should not get too involved in things. In order to keep this spirit of inner detachment, lakshya bodha (awareness of the goal) is very important. Whatever happens in the house or outside, one should always contemplate and pray in this manner: ‘My goal is far beyond all these silly and trivial worldly problems. O Lord, please do not push me into these conflicts and arguments. Give me the strength and courage to be in the midst of these problems and still remember You and remain detached. Let me try to work through them as part of my duty, but let me be untouched by their vibrations.’