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Unity brings peace

(31 Dec '02)

31 December 2002, Amritapuri On Tuesdays, Amma meditates with the residents in the old temple. Then She answers questions posed by the residents. Ever the embodiment of humility, Amma sometimes says that She feels Her answers are not complete, and that She would like Her children to say something in addition. Today, Amma asked Her […]

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Teaching by example

(27 Dec '02)

27 December 2002, Amritapuri As the numbers of devotees that come for Amma’s daily darshan grow, Her darshan stretches on later into the afternoon and evening. Tonight, Amma didn’t finish giving darshan until 6:30 p.m. While Amma often comes for bhajans by 7, last night many wondered if She would be able to come at […]

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Christmas 2002

(24 Dec '02)

24 Dec 2002,Amritapuri As is the tradition on Christmas Eve at Amritapuri, dramas, comedies, songs and dances were performed by residents and visitors alike. Amma blessed the performers and the audience with Her presence throughout the evening. By the time She blessed the Christmas cake and went up to Her room, it was already Christmas.

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Amma’s visit to Kozhikode – 2002

(22 Dec '02)

20-21 Dec 2002 – Kozhikode As always, Amma’s Kozhikode programmes are burgeoning with life and love–just like Amma Herself. Somehow, Amma found time to give a press conference in Her room, even though darshan had finished only at 4 am and She had to be back out to begin the day’s programme by 11 the […]

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I am eating love

(18 Dec '02)

18 Dec 2002. Kozhikode Amma arrived in Kozhikode (formerly Calicut), Kerala yesterday. The programmes here draw bigger crowds than nearly anywhere in the world. Amma will give darshan day and night for four days. She will likely embrace more than 50, 000 people, around one every three seconds And yet each one will know that […]

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Lakshmi’s wedding

(15 Dec '02)

15 December 2002, Amritapuri A long time resident of Amma’s orphanage gets married “I had always been troubled by the fear that being born the child of a beggar woman, I would have to spend my life begging in the streets, or in still worse conditions… “As we slowly moved closer to Amma, my mind […]

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The medicine of Amma’s words

(10 Dec '02)

10 December 2002, Amritapuri Amrita Lahari A young spiritual aspirant approached Amma with a long face. “Amma, I am depressed and I don’t feel like living,” he told Her. “I want to die.” Amma replied strongly, but it was strength that the boy needed. “You are selfish,” Amma began. “You feel that you will get […]

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