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Torah – observant Amma devotees

(9 Jun '02)

9 June 2002, San Ramon The question is simple: Can committed, Torah-observant Jews, in good conscience, come to Amma? Judaism embraces a broad spectrum of people. Many people in the Jewish tradition speak of their identification with Judaism as a connection with their home culture, not only or not exactly with a religion. So nobody […]

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Torah – Shabbas Queen, the Shekinah

(6 Jun '02)

6 June 2002,San Ramon-Continued from ‘Torah – Observant Devotees’ But what about this kneeling business – granted, on one level it is simply the physical position necessary if you’re going to nestle into the lap of a seated person. (In fact, in India where the immense crowds necessitate a much faster pace, Mother often sits […]

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Amma, let us hear your voice

(4 Jun '02)

4 June 2002, San Ramon, CA Today was the first day of programs at Amma’s San Ramon ashram. Before Amma began giving satsang this evening, She asked if it would be enough if She simply answered any questions Her children might have, rather than giving a discourse as She usually does at the beginning of […]

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The Mother of all kinds of children

(1 Jun '02)

1 June 2002,Seattle Mother enters the States in Seattle, holds a day of public programs and a three-day retreat, and the “US Summer Tour” is begun. When She reaches the venue for the first morning program, as will be the case for every morning program for the next month and a half, there is a […]

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