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Amma’s visit to Europe: Bonn

(30 Oct '01)

30 October, 2001 Amma giving satsang in Bonn where the crowd grew so large that Amma invited many people to come and sit alongside Her on the stage. Amma’s devotees welcome Her as she enters the hall in London.

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Navaratri celebrations

(27 Oct '01)

On the ninth day of Navaratri, a special program was held at Amritapuri for those devotees who are members of an Amrita Kutambam. An Amrita Kutambam is a formal group of ten families which meets regularly for satsang and service activities. Over 1000 devotees attended. The program, led by Br. Sivamrita Chaitanya, included satsang, archana, […]

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Amma’s visit to Europe: Munich

(21 Oct '01)

21October 2001, Munich Amma’s programmes in Munich were well-attended by both long time devotees and those just discovering the bliss of being in Amma’s presence for the first time. One can only guess at why tears come to one person’s eyes, while another breaks into a broad smile. One only knows that around Amma, there […]

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Amma’s visit to Europe: Zurich

(17 Oct '01)

17October 2001, Zurich After the last minute changes to Amma’s tour schedule, it was feared that the latest news would not have reached everyone in time and that the programmes there would be smaller than usual. But as you can see from these photographs depicting the Atma Puja which Amma conducted in Zurich just before […]

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Leaving home

(10 Oct '01)

10 October 2001,Amritapuri The soft light of pre-dawn, the calls of tropical birds waking to a new day, and otherwise silence. There is, in this stillness, a big crowd at the foot of Amma’s steps, because no one is sure just when She will leave for the airport, and everyone wants a last glimpse, perhaps […]

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Love the small flowers

(7 Oct '01)

07 October 2001, Amritapuri When you see thousands of people gathered in the auditorium south of the temple, and the stage filled with visiting dignitaries; when you see the brilliant orange and yellow robes of Amma’s monastics clustered behind and to Her right, and when you see seated just behind and to Her left the […]

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Kartika Puja

(6 Oct '01)

6 October, 2001 According to the Hindu calendar, Amma was born in the month of Kanni under the Kartika star. This year, this day fell on the 6th October. That evening, while Amma gave darshan in the auditorium, the Kartika puja was held in the Kalari as it is every month under the Kartika star. […]

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