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Playful darshan

(17 Apr '01)

17 – 27 April 2001, Australia In case you thought spirituality was only somber, reconsider. Observe Mother’s darshan programs, especially in the West, where smaller crowds allow time for Mother’s playfulness to surface even more than usual! The first night after the group’s arrival in Australia, Mother had great fun talking about the adventures of […]

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Vishu celebrations

(15 Apr '01)

April the 14th, 2001, marks the New Year in the Hindu calendar. The focal point of the Vishu celebrations in Amritapuri was the Kalari, where Amma first started Krishna Bhava in 1975. The vishukkani (literally, ‘first sight of the year’) was kaleidoscopic display of elaborate floral arrangements and a platter of fruits. In Indian tradition, […]

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Carwashers of Adelaide

(14 Apr '01)

During her Australian tours, Mother doesn’t usually go to Adelaide. It’s too far off Her “beaten track” in Australia. She visits Melbourne, on the south coast, then goes up to Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Four places, public programs in each, retreats in two-but nothing in Adelaide, further west on Australia’s southern coast. But the […]

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Everyone felt “at Home”

(14 Apr '01)

14 April 2001, Singapore In Singapore every year the crowds are growing larger rapidly. These crowds are also becoming more diverse. (Once the domain of immigrants from India, Mother’s programs now draw people from all backgrounds, Hindu and Buddhist and Christian alike). This tendency to diversity underscores and is a response to the universality of […]

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In the Rain!

(13 Apr '01)

17- 27 April, Australia Melbourne Retreat The special meditation session with Mother had been held indoors because of both cold and rain. The last mantra, “Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu” (“May all beings in the universe be happy”) was reverberating. Then silence. Not quite. Rain. Pitter-patter. Then faster. The lights came up; Mother looked ruefully around […]

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Amma’s smile is an inspiration

(3 Apr '01)

2, 3 April 2001, Kolkata – Bharata Yatra 2001 On the 1st program, held in Nazrul Manch on the 2nd of April, the huge auditorium was filled with thousands of devotees who had gathered to hear Amma’s satsang and bhajans and to have Her darshan. In Her satsang, Amma said, “Our ego is the greatest […]

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