Amma’s smile is an inspiration

2, 3 April 2001, Kolkata – Bharata Yatra 2001

On the 1st program, held in Nazrul Manch on the 2nd of April, the huge auditorium was filled with thousands of devotees who had gathered to hear Amma’s satsang and bhajans and to have Her darshan.

In Her satsang, Amma said, “Our ego is the greatest obstacle on the path of God’s grace. One who is blinded by the ego is in total darkness. Only when we transcend the ego do we become an offering to the world.”

The next night, in Behala, Golsapur, Amma was accorded a hearty welcome by a mammoth gathering of devotees on Her arrival at the programme venue in Behala, Calcutta.

Addressing the devotees, Amma said, “Everybody today is aware of their rights, but they forget their responsibilities. One should always think as to what one can contribute for the happiness of others, and not what one can get from others. True happiness is in giving and not in possessing. Try to develop this selflessness. Make your heart expansive. In such a heart only can the Lord’s sublime presence be experienced.”

Welcoming Amma, Ajit Panja, former Union Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, said “When I touched Her Lotus Feet, I came to know that I have reached my Mother. Amma’s smile is an inspiration to undertake new endeavors in life.”