Everyone felt “at Home”

Amma in Singapore

14 April 2001, Singapore

In Singapore every year the crowds are growing larger rapidly. These crowds are also becoming more diverse. (Once the domain of immigrants from India, Mother’s programs now draw people from all backgrounds, Hindu and Buddhist and Christian alike). This tendency to diversity underscores and is a response to the universality of Mother’s message, and the ability of Her loving embraces to reach across all barriers of background and culture.

This was particularly evident during Devi Bhava, when people from all different backgrounds approached Amma, and asked Her for mantra initiation. Those of Hindu background tended to ask for mantras focused on Krishna, Devi, or Siva; Christians asked for mantras of Jesus Christ or Mother Mary; Buddhists wanted mantras of Kwan Yin, Tara and Buddha. All came to Amma to be initiated. They belied in Amma as being the One who could help them on their paths, irrespective of their beliefs and faiths. Everyone felt “at home”.