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Sannyasa, in the service of the wolrd

(15 Jun '00)

Even though Amma dosent fall under any tradition of Sannyasis, or taken up Sannyas, Amma has been initiating her disciples into Sannyas since 1982. Her disciples are initiated into Sannyas in the Puri order of Shankara Parampara. “A Sannyasi is a real servant of the world. In fact, he or she is the only one […]

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Brahmacharya, the student life

(15 Jun '00)

Brahmacharis are spiritual disciples who take the vow of brahmacharya and wear the yellow robe as a sign of belonging to a spiritual order. ‘Brahmachari’ means one who abides in Brahman (the Absolute Reality), or one who lives for realising Brahman. The formal initiation into Brahmacharya involves the donning of yellow robes and the acceptance […]

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Life of Adi Shankaracharya

(15 Jun '00)

Sri Adi Shankaracharya is considered to be the ideal Sannyasi. It is commonly accepted that he lived about one thousand two hundred years ago though there are historical sources which indicate that he lived in a earlier period. He was born in Kalady, Kerala and in his short life span of 32 years, his accomplishments […]

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Shankaracharya’s four Sannyasa orders

(15 Jun '00)

We have to be thankful to Shankaracharya because Sanatana Dharma, the all-encompassing eternal code of life contained in the Vedas, still flows as the dynamic force underlying and unifying popular Hinduism. It is a monumental testimony to his life and works that this remains so. The very fact that Hinduism is still a dynamic and […]

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Why an ashram have to run hospitals?

(12 Jun '00)

Message Amma gave in the souvenir during the inauguration of AIMS, Super specialty hospital in Kochi, Kerala in 1998. Darling children, Some of Amma’s children may doubt, “What need does an ashram have to run hospitals?” Children, didn’t the Lord incarnate as Dhanvantara Moorthi? Thus, He showed through His own example that medicine and treatment […]

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Discussion & Study groups

(1 Jun '00)

Before Amma left for the US tour She spoke to the ashramites about ashram dharma and asked everyone to form study groups and to discuss in depth the meaning of the scriptures for everyday life. A plethora of classes is in full swing, and everywhere one goes, one can hear chanting or scriptural discussions at […]

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