International Forum: Addressing the World


Since 1993, Amma has been increasingly recognized by the international community as a treasured repository of practical spiritual wisdom, who has the capacity to guide the world towards a better, brighter future.

Amma is regularly invited by international organisations to address the issues of religious differences, the environment, and peacemaking. The Parliament of the World’s Religions chose Her as one of three Presidents of Sanatana Dharma (the Hindu faith). In 1995 Her “Unity is Peace” address was a highlight of the Interfaith Celebrations at the UN 50th Anniversary in New York. In 2000 Amma lent the UN Millennium World Peace Summit a unique charm with Her spontaneity, humility, and tenderness. Asked by the press what She would do if She was the ruler of the world, She responded, “I would be the sweeper,” so that She could “sweep everyone’s mind clean.”

Amma in Jaipur

Global Peace Initiative

Amma called on the need for women and men to come together in unity, accepting, respecting and valuing each other’s differences. coming soon

Cinema verite

Prix Cinema Verite

Cinema Verite, a French film organization, Honouring Amma in acknowledgment of her role as a force for world peace and harmony. coming soon


International day of Peace

Observance of International Day of Peace at the request of UN in Sep 2004 click here..


The Parliament of the World’s Religions

Inspiring address at the Parliament of World’s religions held in Barcelona in 2004 coming_soon…

And in 2002, She was presented with the Gandhi-King Award for Non-violence, given in recognition of Her lifelong work in furthering the principles of non-violence. During the same event, at the UN headquarters in Geneva, She gave the keynote address at the Global Peace Initiative of Women and Religious Leaders.


Amritavarsham 50

People from 191 countries participated in Amma’s 4-day 50th Birthday Celebrations at Kochi in 2003. Visit the web

receiving Gandhi King

Gandhi-King Award

The Non-Violence award was presented to Amma in 2002 at the United Nations, Geneva coming soon…

 Peace Summit

World Peace Summit

In August, 2000, Amma spoke at the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, organized by the UN.coming soon…

UN 50

The United Nations 50

In 1995, for the 50th Anniversary Summit of the United Nations, Amma spoke on her visions for the 21st Century.

at Parliament of the World's Religions

The Parliament of the World’s Religions

In 1993, the world’s spiritual leaders, representing 125 religions, participated in the international event held in Chicago.. coming soon…

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