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  • How to overcome anger

    How to overcome anger

    From Amma’s Satsang, Amritapuri Ashram Getting angry is like having a bad business where we end up losing everything. Actually in life, one should gain the Self (Atma), the ultimate “profit”. But when we get angry it is like making a loss at business. Our life is not a bubble, we have to remember that…

  • A lunch-stop eye surgery, overcoming Vasanas

    A lunch-stop eye surgery, overcoming Vasanas

    February 27, Pandarpur, Maharashtra, en route to Pune from Shegaon Bharata Yatra 2006 अज्ञानतिमिरान्धस्य ज्ञानाञ्जनशालाकया चक्षुरुन्मीलितं येन तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ajnāna timirāndhasya jnanānjana salākayā cakśurunmeelitam yena tasmai sree gurave namah  — Guru Gita If one approaches a Guru, earnestly seeking to understand the nature of his mind, the Guru’s knowledge will flow forth and clarity…