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  • Torah – observant Amma devotees

    Torah – observant Amma devotees

    9 June 2002, San Ramon The question is simple: Can committed, Torah-observant Jews, in good conscience, come to Amma? Judaism embraces a broad spectrum of people. Many people in the Jewish tradition speak of their identification with Judaism as a connection with their home culture, not only or not exactly with a religion. So nobody…

  • Torah – Shabbas Queen, the Shekinah

    Torah – Shabbas Queen, the Shekinah

    6 June 2002, San Ramon-Continued from ‘Torah – Observant Devotees‘ But what about this kneeling business – granted, on one level it is simply the physical position necessary if you’re going to nestle into the lap of a seated person. (In fact, in India where the immense crowds necessitate a much faster pace, Mother often…