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The sorrows of old age

May the sorrows of old age melt in the light of youth’s love


Feminine and masculine qualities should evolve hand-in-hand in family life

In family life feminine qualities and masculine qualities should evolve hand-in-hand. Only then will we experience fullness. That is the reason why some children raised by single mothers or fathers have problems. For the child’s mind and intellect to mature it should receive the supervision of both the mother and the father. The mother’s love […]

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Teaching values an untraditional way

15 August 2005 — Amritapuri From Children to Parents Today, the father of a child enrolled in Amrita vidyalayam —Mangalore came forward for Amma’s darshan; his eyes were filled with tears. It was difficult for him to hold back his emotions. And as soon as he fell into Amma’s arms, he began to tell her […]