Around Amma 2022 Messages of Amma Onam

Increase our circle of compassion

We have learned to fly like a bird and swim like a fish but have forgotten to walk and live like humans. Only when we realise this will our life become joyful.

Around Amma 2021 Messages of Amma

Onam is an occasion to make ourselves and others happy

Onam is a time that transforms even the elderly into little children; it awakens the child in everyone. It is a time that everyone joins in the Onam games and celebrations and forgets everything else.

Messages of Amma

Even in the middle of sorrows, we can create happiness

Come what may, I will be happy

Around Amma 2019 Festivals Messages of Amma Onam

Let us make our entire lives an Onam

11September 2019 — Amritapuri AshramExcerpts from Amma’s Onam message: Amma’s children have all come together here to celebrate Onam with Amma. For Amma, my children are the very pookkalams* and flowers of Onam. The unity of my children and their love-filled hearts are what make these pookkalams so beautiful to Amma. The thought of Onam […]

Around Amma 2018 Messages of Amma

Onam: a beautiful memory of the past and a bright hope for the future

25 September 2018, Amritapuri Ashram (excerpt from Amma’s Onam Message) Onam is usually a time of celebration. However, this Onam, our minds are weighed down with grief. Many people lost their lives in the recent floods and landslides here in Kerala. Many people lost their homes and everything they had. It is heart-breaking that such […]

Around Amma 2017 Ashram Life Onam

Onam celebrations – pookkalam, sadya, tug of war and cutural programs

4 Sep 2017, Onam celebrations, Amritapuri Ashram For the last ten days, as per the tradition of the Onam harvest festival, the entire state of Kerala has been ordained with lush, beautiful flower mandalas. At Amritapuri, each day the floral decoration in front of Amma’s room was unique. Each day, the beautiful arrangement depicted a […]

Around Amma 2017 Messages of Amma Onam

In search of “the modern,” dont forget the “old” truths

4 Sept  2017 — Amritapuri Ashram Amma’s  Message on Thiruvonam Amma bows down to everyone, who are embodiments of divine love and supreme consciousness. The festival of Onam brings with it a sweet sankalpa—an ideal whose sweetness and novelty never fade with time. Amma is happy when her children come together here on the occasion […]

Ashram Life Onam

Onam celebrations at Amritapuri

4-14 Sep 2016, Onam celebrations, Amritapuri For each of the 10 days of the annual Onam festival, ashram residents as well as students took turns making beautiful big pookkalams (floral designs) at the foot of the steps to Amma’s room. Each day when Amma came out for darshan, she would stand there for some time, […]

Around Amma 2016 Onam

Try to make our circle of compassion larger and more expansive

14 September 2016 — Onam Celebrations at Amritapuri Ashram (Amma’s message on the occasion of Onam festival) Amma is extremely happy to see all of you have gathered here to celebrate Thiruvonam with Amma. It shows the bond you have with Amma. May this bond and love be always there between all of you as […]

Around Amma 2015 Onam Photos

Onam celebrations at Amritapuri 2015

28 Aug 2015, Amritapuri – Onam Celebrations Every year Onam is a time for great celebration here in Amritapuri and this year was no exception. Early in the morning the hall was full of people in anticipation for the day’s festivities. They didnt have to wait long as Amma arrived on the stage before 10am […]