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  • The heart of India welcomes Amma

    The heart of India welcomes Amma

    23 February, 2006 — Nagpur, Maharashtra Amma was lovingly received by the citizens of Nagpur, the geographical heart of India. Amma’s pathway to the stage at the Hislap College Grounds was lined with boys and girls in the traditional Maharashtra dress, all of who offered flowers at Amma’s feet as she walked by. Sri. Anil…

  • A prayer from the heart of India

    A prayer from the heart of India

    21 February 2003, NagpurThe state of Maharashtra has an exalted history; as recently as the 13th century it was said that one could find a mahatma in every village in the state. The city of Nagpur, aside from being a major city of Maharashtra, is also the geographical heart of the nation. North and south,…

  • A walk to remember

    A walk to remember

    19 Feb 2003, Nagpur On the way from Hyderabad to Nagpur, the North Indian tour group stopped along the banks of the river Godavari, about two kilometres off the main road. The river Godavari is considered one of the seven sacred rivers of India. The group waited patiently for Amma to join us; some skipped…