We enjoy our planet earth

From May 22-24 about 40 children, age 5-13, with their parents, from Germany and Switzerland came together at the M.A. Center, Germany, to spend a children-retreat together. The motto of the weekend was “Nature- we enjoy our planet earth!” With a playful and humorous approach it was made possible for the kids to dive into […]

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MA Centre, Germany receives UN Award

On 17 March, 2010, Cologne, Germany The National Committee of the UN-Decade “Education for Sustainable Development” awarded M.A. Center Germany as an official UNESCO Decade Project. The award is given to institutions and communities that provide a positive example to the local community by operating according to the principles of sustainable living. M.A.Center Germany received […]

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Amma in Winterthur, Switzerland

8 – 10 October: Winterthur, Switzerland, Europe Yatra 2009 Photos of Amma’s visit to the city