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  • Geneva comes to Chennai

    Geneva comes to Chennai

    16 January 2003, Chennai Throughout the four days of programmes in Chennai, Amma’s devotees there had been asking Her if they could see the video of Her speech in Geneva in the original Malayalam. Now it is the end of the last program in Chennai: five a.m. and darshan is over; people crowd near and…

  • The Awakening of Universal Motherhood

    The Awakening of Universal Motherhood An Address given by Amma on the occasion of the Global Peace Initiative of Women Religious and Spiritual Leaders, at Palais des Nations, Geneva, on October 7th, 2002. Women and men are equal in Amma’s eyes. Amma wants to honestly express Her views on this very subject. These observations don’t…

  • The Gandhi-King award acceptance speech in Geneva

    Amma envisions a society in which men and women work in equal partnership, like the two wings of a bird, thus helping the world progress.

  • Amma received the Gandhi-King Award for Non-violence

    7 Oct 2002, United Nations General Assembly Hall (Palais Des Nations), Geneva In 2002, Amma was presented with the Gandhi-King Award for Non-violence, given in recognition of Her lifelong work in furthering the principles of non-violence. The Gandhi-King Award is a joint initiative of the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders and the…