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  • Karuna-virus can conquer the coronavirus

    Karuna-virus can conquer the coronavirus

    The fragrance of goodness travels equally in all directions.

  • Nagano Retreat

    20 Oct 2008, Nagano, Japan Location of the 1998 Winter Olympics, Nagano is a mountainous area that receives large amounts (over 3m!) of snow each winter. This idyllic rural location became the backdrop for this year’s Japan retreat, with Swami Purnamritananda held at the Beech Meadows in the Nabekura Highlands. Despite the remoteness of the…

  • Philippines programe

    Philippines programe

    8-12 September 2007, Manila, Philippines Swami Ramakrishnananda and Br. Shantamrita held a series of programmes in Manila, Philippines, from September 8-12. The programmes consisted of talks, meditation, and bhajans. Over 100 people attended in Makati, a suburb of Manila, many of whom had never met Amma before. Well-attended Homams (fire ceremonies) were held at two…